Silence is golden

Thursday, July 07, 2016

They say time flies...I can't believe it that last time I posted something was in September 2015.  
I wonder where did all the images I've been saving on desktop and iphone go. Too much inspiration everywhere, so many life changes, new job, new home I even have a new iphone :) 
I have to admit it though, I miss sharing my boards with you and receiving your comments and messages. I have so many things I want post here on my personal journal but I decided to start with a brief moodboard that ought me to start my jewelry collection my A-MAZE gold designs and my chockers that are available on my facebook page and instagram. A dream is coming true I finally have something I can call it my own. I hope you explore it and you like my new designs, inspired by the moon, the sky and its stars. I never knew really that on a a clear night, far from pollution and city lights, we can see 2,000 to 3,000 stars.I'm so fascinated by the sky and its colours! Remember that the sky is not the limit and set your goals and never give up!

Lots of love,

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