Dear last month of the year

Saturday, December 01, 2012

 Dear December,

I'm glad you are here...
The city is full of Xmas lights and you make me feel all happy.
I need to apologize once again for my short absence...
Blame it to my lovelife...
The good news is I moved in to my new flat ( I think I mentioned it before)...
The better news I'm going to sort out internet soon and blog more often.
Still Jobless but an optimist I'm enjoying every single moment of my life...while I'm yound and restless..
Friday night I'm staying all alone with my favourite music playing out loud and a hot chocolate.
It's so cold outside I don't even know how am I going to survive it.
December please be good to me...
Looking forward to the NEW YEAR and to more INSPIRATION...

Lots of love everyone,

Sweetest Dreams...

Happy Thoughts & Good Month!



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