Bye - Bye

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

After 3 years attending Istituto Marangoni in London the end of an era has arrived. 
On the first picture are some the lovely people I had the chance to meet while at university and below it's a photo of myself with one of my good friends Giulia. 
I find incredible weird the feeling of ending a chapter of my life and entering the real world. 
Since Saturday ( my graduation day )I feel like I'm missing a small piece of myself. 
So many of my friends left to their home countries, some they moved to different cities, some are coming back and some I might never see them again. 
To all of you that you are still studying here it's my advice. Enjoy every moment and everyday of your youth, learn one thing everyday, study hard and don't waste your time. 
The real world it's big and scary. 
Especially if you work in fashion you should know that things could get very tough. 
Find the best in yourself and leave your mark.
 Be yourself and think positive. 
To all my lovely friends that are already in different parts of the world I will never forget you. 
I think I could write on and on and on but I'm about to cry soon so I should go out and enjoy the sun after sooo many bad weather days finally it's summer outside!
The official count down to my summer holidays has started...
Have a good day everyone and take care of yourselves.

Lots of love,

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