Monday, May 07, 2012

Hi Everyone. I've been a little bit too busy/lazy/tired lately. 
I had to plan my birthday dinner last week, had a shooting on Friday and the weekend was fun & chilled. 
Today, is a bank holiday in the UK which means I didn't have to go to uni in the morning so...yeah...I've been in bed until now.
The weather remains bad in London and eventually it makes me way too hungry and sleepy.
 Good news is that while I've been working on my final projects I took some pictures of all the stuff around my flat that were part of my inspiration - Feel free to define my passport, my mother's note, the s/s prada catalogue, the flowers I was given on my bday, my business card, the two close up snaps of the outfits of my latest shooting and some pictures of myself taken in Thailand.
I hope you all had a great weekend and a very happy monday.
PS - If you'd like me to post any of your "inspirational" photos you can always email me at

Lots of love,



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