Dear Spring,

Sunday, March 04, 2012

It's March already!Yes it is.I'm trying not to think about it.Two more months left until I graduate.After 3 years.
Luckily, I have two weeks off(one more now) to study. Instead, I travel, I eat well and go to bed early!I was home last week for a few days and by home I mean Athens(Yes it does still exist and no we are not homeless just furious and sad and hopeless).
Anyway, this is a happy blog. I"m currently spending some time in Switzerland with my beloved people, reading my book by the lake under the sun.
Sounds too cheesy but it's true. I am relaxed and I love it :)
While most of my friends are in Paris fashion week, having a fabulous time I'm about to eat my 3rd or 4th lint chocolate square and feed another swan some bread.
My face looks happy, I am feeling happy.
Happy that summer it's only around the corner and the sun is starting to burn my cheeks.
Back to London tomorrow with PFW updates.
Have a good and lazy sunday everyone.
Lots of love,

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