Monday, February 15, 2010

You're never fully dressed without a smile.
Natasha Poly

I was on board 168 airline flights in 2008!
Sasha Pivovarova

I would say I have an equal collection of heels and flats, I love shoes!"
Jessica Stam

I really had to learn from the beginning who Steven Meisel was, who Anna Wintour was, honestly I knew nothing.
Coco Rocha

Pizza is my favorite food — the thinner the crust, the better. My step-dad works for a company in England that makes pizzas. As a kid we used to invent the flavors; we‘d all sit around and eat the pizza and do a questionnaire afterwards.
Agyness Dean

Compared with all the other girls, I have big thighs.
Doutzen Kroes

I have done it. I have everything I want. I have made enough money to secure my family and that is all I care about.
Natalia Vodianova
"English boys can be slightly more smelly than American boys. Which I don't mind.
Lily Donaldson

I don‘t want to completely sever ties with the fashion industry. I love some of the people I‘ve met and I respect them and I‘m still interested in fashion itself. If I‘m lucky, I‘ll continue making films, but still kind of keep my finger in that world.
Lily Cole

They portray me as all these crazy things and I‘m so not like that. I don‘t have entourages, I‘m as normal as you can get in this lifestyle.
Kate Moss

A lot of people say it‘s nice to see someone who won‘t break in half when you touch them.
Lara Stone
I'd wish I was better at trusting other people.
Freja Beha
You have to eat good! I eat gorgeous food. I eat sushi, I eat meat, I eat steaks. I eat more than you, I‘m sure.
Tanya Dziahileva

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