Are you OK?

Dear Thursday,

Today is the 10th of July, maybe one of the hottest days of the year.
Spending the summer in the city thought could be fun but I now dream of the islands.
Fortunately enough, I have BRASHY COUTOURE making me feel happy, sexy and positive in their cool t-shirts!
Dancing in my MARIANNA.G I get to forget all the bad days and enjoying the summer to the fullest!
They say sometimes you just need a break in a beautiful place. ALONE. to figure everything out...
I think this time is now....
I'll keep you posted!
Lots of love,


I feel the sun on my skin

Get the look at Enny di Monaco
Gym buddy @ EMS TRAINING
The first month of the summer is almost over , spending the time in the city can be fun too!
So many things inspiring me lately, so many beautiful places I want to go, so many flowers around me, the sun, the smell of the sea, I love my salty hair the time at the beach...
Time goes by so scares me...
So many more summer posts to follow, stay tuned!
I hope you are enjoying your summer and you are dreaming big!
Lots of love,


I woke up like this

Sunnies from kokkorisoptics 

Dear June,
I just love you for being sunny, for getting my skin tanned, for making me plan my holiday, for letting me swim in the sea, for morivating me to clear up my closet, for reminding me of good times, for making me feel carefree, for driving around in the city with the windows open, for your summer breeze, for my messy hair, sandy feet, white nails, neon shades, memories, island living, strolls, ice cream, late nights, beach parties....all of the above that makes me smile and makes me dream big.
You are definitely my favourite month...

The sky is not the limit

Dear Humpday,
Just a casual outfit on a good day...
The sun makes me feel good!

Trousers here
Top similar here
Denim Jacket similar here
Shoulder bag by Alexander Wang here and here
Sunnies here

Enjoy your day!
lots of love,