Dear Août,

Dear August,
You are the last month of summer.
(that's not true when you live in Greece)
Maybe one of the best summer I had in a long time!
Spent some time with my girls in Mykonos Island, some family/quality time around Argosaronikos area (I have to say Hydra island is def added to my favourite destinations so cute and romantic) & some more places to come in the next few days which I'm so excited about :)
All my bikinis are from my talented BFF swimwear designer MARIANNA.G and my sunnies from Kokkoris optics & Taylor Morris Eyewear!
Make sure you guys don't miss any post on my insta
and hashtag me for any styling advice!
Until the next post...
Enjoy your summer and whatever you decide to do make sure it makes you happy!
Lots of love,


Are you OK?

Dear Thursday,

Today is the 10th of July, maybe one of the hottest days of the year.
Spending the summer in the city thought could be fun but I now dream of the islands.
Fortunately enough, I have BRASHY COUTOURE making me feel happy, sexy and positive in their cool t-shirts!
Dancing in my MARIANNA.G I get to forget all the bad days and enjoying the summer to the fullest!
They say sometimes you just need a break in a beautiful place. ALONE. to figure everything out...
I think this time is now....
I'll keep you posted!
Lots of love,